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Monday, February 23, 2009

Broomball Game at Boston University

These Boston University students are playing a game of broomball. Broomball is a sport that started in Canada in the early 20th century and has quickly spread across the United States.  It is especially popular at colleges across the country.  At BU it is the most popular intramural sport. 

Broomball is like ice hockey, but without skates, a puck, or sticks.  Players wear sneakers and use broom shaped paddles to hit a ball around the rink.  

Broomball doesn't require much skill, so anyone can play and have a good time! 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dance Show

8th Annual Hip-Hop Showcase

Saturday I attended the Vibes annual show at the Tsai Performance Center.  It was a very entertaining show with talented dancers.  Tsai was packed with people, which I was a little surprised about because the general BU student body doesn't really attend school related events.  Then I realized that the audience was mostly filled with friends and relatives of the various dance groups.

There were 11 other dance groups.  Some from BU, BC, Dartmouth, and the Greater Boston area. 

  • TruSole - BU, step group
  • Fusion - BU, hip-hop group
  • Unofficial Project - BU, Asian hip-hop group
  • BU Dance Team
  • Sheba - Dartmouth, hip-hop group
  • Static Noyze - Boston, contemporary hip-hop group
  • Synergy - Boston College, hip-hop group
  • Fr3sh Juniors - New Jersey, dance group
  • Future Phunk - Boston, hip-hop group
  • Wrush - Boston, latin and hip-hop group
  • Floorlords - Boston, break dancing group
My favorite groups were Future Phunk and Sheba.  They both had really original choreography and the dancers were all on cue and danced as one instead of individuals. 

I did not enjoy watching the BU Dance Team.  Their choreography did not match the music and they just seemed to be out of their element.  They didn't have "flava," a quality i think a hiphop dancer needs. I can't exactly describe what "flava" is, but it's in the attitude the dancer has and the way in which she moves her body.